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Our work in safeguarding over the past 7 years has highlighted that many teachers and educational professionals lack confidence when dealing with potential e-safety risks.

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With Ofsted’s expectation that schools place e-safety firmly within their safeguarding procedures, there is a real need for schools to provide staff with regular training and support.

Social media tends to pose the biggest concern for teachers as students spend much of their online time on these sites and they are often cited as places where bullying occurs.  Although the majority of these issues take place outside of school hours, it is important to remember that the school’s e-safety ethos should encompass sharing the message with parents and carers.

At the ChildProtectionCompany.com, we have delivered over 35,000 online training courses and have worked with a wide variety of schools to help them meet their training needs.  This website has been set up to deal specifically with e-safety and to address and discuss the issues surrounding it.

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