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Facebook: top ten uses in the classroom.

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Social media can be used effectively and safely in schools once appropriate e-safety and social media policies are implemented.  Below are ten ways Facebook can be used to enhance the learning experience in the classroom:

  • Research:  Students can conduct all types of research on Facebook including doing online polls, finding out about their family tree and canvassing opinions from others. The data from research can then be used in projects or simply as mathematical data to bring interest to statistics.
  • Current affairs:  Students can follow news feeds, journalists and politicians to gather real time news and commentary on world events as they happen. This can be useful for many subjects including: Citizenship, PHSE, Philosophy and Ethics, and English.
  • Teaching e-Safety skills:  Using Facebook in the classroom provides an excellent opportunity for teaching students how to be safe online and to promote good digital citizenship. The guidelines for using Facebook can be reinforced through the use of a class Facebook page.  Students can learn the skills to watch out for themselves, and each other, and discuss what is and isn’t appropriate online behaviour.
  • Show and Tell:  The use of Facebook can extend the concept of “show and tell” enabling students to share photographs and videos of things that they wouldn’t be able to bring into school.
  • Foreign Language: By connecting with schools around the world students can practise foreign language skills.  If your school has an exchange programme with a school abroad language skills can be practised whilst the students get to know about each other and their respective cultures.
  • Study Groups: By setting up dedicated Facebook groups for your students they can work on group projects, have discussions and share ideas. Encouraging collaboration in this way builds important life and study skills for your students.
  • Educational Resources: Teachers can post links to online resources – websites, videos, online presentations, publications etc.  These could be for current projects or for more general subject information or to help with revision.  Students can then comment on, discuss and share ideas about these resources via the class Facebook pages.
  • History:  The Facebook Timeline feature can be used to enhance history projects, students can chronologically document events, linking posts and other media to the timeline.
  • Class news:  Class news and achievements can be shared with other classes and parents via a class Facebook page.  Students can add the content themselves developing their journalism and reporting skills.  Parents following the postings can use this information to engage with their child about their school work.
  • Events:  Facebook events can be created and shared with your class.  This can be a useful way to remind students and parents of a wide variety of dates: when homework is due, class trips, exams, school productions, after school activities, fundraising events etc.