Since September 2012 Ofsted have been inspecting e-safety as part of their review of a schools safeguarding arrangements.

Typical questions Ofsted inspectors may ask are:

  • How do you ensure that all staff receive appropriate online safety training that is relevant and regularly up dated?
  • Does the school have e-safety policies and acceptable use policies in place?
  • Describe how your school educates children and young people to build knowledge, skills and capability when it comes to online safety? How do you assess its effectiveness?
  • What mechanisms does the school have in place to support pupils and staff facing online safety issues?
  • How does the school educate and support parents and whole school community with online safety?


An Ofsted compliant on-line e-safety training course designed specifically for the education sector is available via our sister site

The course gives an introduction to e-safety and raises awareness of:

  • The different types of technology
  • The risks to children
  • The importance of educating and empowering children
  • The risks to you
  • How to deal with e-safety incidents

The course has been written by a leading e-safety expert who has on the ground experience of working with many UK schools, and is regularly updated to reflect advances in technology . The course takes around an hour to complete, although it can be paused and restarted at any time to conveniently fit around the teaching day. Click here for more details.

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